Growing, growing, growing

The biggest update is that our little Bean (name still undecided) has decided to be a boy. That means the fifth grandson for my parents with still no granddaughters. I may have mentioned it before but I was convinced that Bean was going to be a girl. It was a premonition, one to which Marcela was decidedly feeling the opposite. I would relate to Bean through the stomach wall as though he was a girl and Marcela would chide me that I didn’t know yet what it would be. Then, a couple months before we got the definitive “I am 100% sure” from our doctor, she started feeling very strongly that it was a  boy. I never should have gone against her motherly instinct but at a certain p0int it just became fun to play with her. She is now about five months pregnant with the due date in early […]

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Hello Hack Reactor

This quick update is that the “fourth time’s a charm”, as my final interviewer Chris said to me after I emailed him that I’d been accepted. In case you missed the last post, I’ve been trying for the last two months to get into a web developer boot camp called Hack Reactor, headquartered in San Francisco. The first three interviews went from bad to better as I zeroed in on what they really wanted me to know before I could be accepted. And a week and a half ago, I received the good news that I’d finally been accepted, by the hair on my chinny chin chin.

The course begins February 2nd and will last 3 months – 3 months of intensive learning to code and understand how to build web applications from the ground up including the front-end interface and the back-end database. Developer boot camps, which abound now in […]

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A New Addition, Coding, and Christmas in Medellín

Who is  Jonah, you may ask. Haven’t heard from that guy in ages.

Yep, it’s me. Back after a little hiatus to give you an update on the happenings. For starters, Marcela is almost 3 months pregnant, but more on that later…
Web Developer in the Making…
The last 5 months I’ve dedicated a large part of my time to learning JavaScript. This has nothing to do with coffee, despite the name. It’s a programming language used in web browsers and now more and more on web servers to make rich, dynamic, and fast websites. “Well, why would you want to learn that?” you might ask. This is actually just the next step in my on-going pursuit to become a web developer or software engineer. About four years ago I started getting interested in learning about web design and started off using WordPress. And, I had high notions of teaching myself all there was […]

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World Cup Blues, Spanish Continued, and Day Trips

Colombia Made it to Round of 16 – First Time in its History
With Germany’s victory over Argentina and the World Cup now behind us, I’m a little late with sharing my small part in helping Colombia make it to the Round of 16 teams for the first time in its history with its defeat over Uruguay in the Round of 32. How did I help, you may ask? I think the extra support I added, on top of the other 94% of Colombians who adore fútbol (soccer), added the necessary energy to take this young and inspiring team to its furthest advance in the 90 years since the World Cup first began. Or at least this is what I tell Marcela. After all, I arrive and the team does exceptionally well. What other conclusion could be drawn?

In all seriousness, as I’ve previously written, here the World Cup is a phenomenon which united this […]

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Spanish Classes, Bogotá and the World Cup

You can only live in a place so long understanding just the signs and a sentence here or there before the burning desire to learn the language takes hold of you. So it was for me that after a month and a half here, it was time to go back to school again, this time for Spanish classes. My classes are at a private University about 35 minute walk from home (which I gladly travel by foot). They last two hours and are five days a week. The University, EAFIT, is small in size by US standards but has 13,000 students and a delightful small-school feeling. It’s schools – which are really just buildings – include Humanities, Engineering, Law, Economics and Finance, Materials Science, and a Language Center. The language center has English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish, among others. Presently, my class has 5 people in it, not counting […]

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First Month in Medellin

Hi family and friends,

It’s been a long while so It’s time to start blogging again. Especially since there is something now to write about. As some of you may know, I was married Dec. 16, 2013 to a Colombian woman, Marcela, and several months later, on April 4th, a different life began when, after packing up my room, selling my car and possessions that don’t ship very well, and packing my three suitcases and two carry ons, I flew to Medellin, Colombia to begin our married life together (read how me we met and watch our how-we-met-and-wedding-picture slideshow here). It took a good six months to prepare for this – letting go of possessions slowly, researching and figuring out how to keep my US persona with bank account, P.O. Box, phone, credit cards, while living and working in a foreign country. And slowly it became a reality such that today, one month after […]

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