Spanish Classes, Bogotá and the World Cup

You can only live in a place so long understanding just the signs and a sentence here or there before the burning desire to learn the language takes hold of you. So it was for me that after a month and a half here, it was time to go back to school again, this time for Spanish classes. My classes are at a private University about 35 minute walk from home (which I gladly travel by foot). They last two hours and are five days a week. The University, EAFIT, is small in size by US standards but has 13,000 students and a delightful small-school feeling. It’s schools – which are really just buildings – include Humanities, Engineering, Law, Economics and Finance, Materials Science, and a Language Center. The language center has English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish, among others. Presently, my class has 5 people in it, not […]

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First Month in Medellin

Hi family and friends,

It’s been a long while so It’s time to start blogging again. Especially since there is something now to write about. As some of you may know, I was married Dec. 16, 2013 to a Colombian woman, Marcela, and several months later, on April 4th, a different life began when, after packing up my room, selling my car and possessions that don’t ship very well, and packing my three suitcases and two carry ons, I flew to Medellin, Colombia to begin our married life together (read how me we met and watch our how-we-met-and-wedding-picture slideshow here). It took a good six months to prepare for this – letting go of possessions slowly, researching and figuring out how to keep my US persona with bank account, P.O. Box, phone, credit cards, while living and working in a foreign country. And slowly it became a reality such that today, one month […]

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