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We are Cocky Gourmet Confections and we make candy with Attitude!!  When we say attitude we mean with flavor, so we take each of our core flavors like Plain Jane, Bacon Oblivion and Kickin' Cayenne and amp them up with Flavor to bring you more of your favorite flavor in each bite.

Our Core Flavors

Plain Jane is our plain peanut brittle, even though this is a plain peanut brittle it still is chock full of jumbo roasted peanuts and buttery rich caramel flavor!!  So good your GrandMa will love it!!

Our savory Bacon Oblivion Peanut Brittle is peanut brittle with bacon.  As you indulge in this delicious brittle you are rewarded every so often with a tiny package of porky goodness, but don’t be fooled, peanut is still the star here.

Kickin’ Cayenne introduces a subtle almost ninja like attack of spicy tingly goodness to our peanut brittle.  You will notice the tingling sensation starting from the back of your tongue while it works its way down the center of your tongue in a mesmerizing tap-dance of mildly picante flavor that is sure to please.

Flavors with Attitude

When our traditional flavor Plain Jane has a little bourbon she gets an attitude and becomes Jayne with a "Y".  The addition of bourbon makes this flavor mellow and sophisticated with less sweetness and the oak barrel warmth of a high quality bourbon.

Our Big Bang Bacon amps up the porky goodness of Bacon Oblivion Brittle by offering a blast of porky goodness that rivals the big bang in terms of explosive flavor of smoky, salty, bacon… as we like to say with this one  “There ain’t no mistakin’ it’s got BACON!!”

Finally our Kick Yo’ Can Cayenne treats your tongue to a merengue and wakes your entire mouth up with the buzz and warmth that only cayenne pepper can offer.  You don’t need to be a fan of hot and spicy to appreciate the buzz this flavor offers.

Flavors with More Than Enough Attitude

Hazelnut Coffee Crunch – Roasted Hazelnuts with Coffee
The Truth – Ghost Chili Peanut Brittle – Can you handle the Truth!!

Limited Edition Flavors

Jack’d Up Pumpkin Spice – Pepita Brittle with Pumpkin Spice
Kringle Crunch – Almond Brittle with Dried Cranberries

Try them all we are sure that you will love them just as much as we do!!




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