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My love for baking and cooking started when I was a little girl. I am the oldest sibling of 4. When my mother was really busy, I would help my mother cook dinner for my father, brothers and of course us ☺.

My mother was a chef and a dietitian working for schools, hospitals and for the Ukrainian Church. As a dietitian, I learned from my mother that desserts can be healthy and delicious. I watched my mother make a delicious lunch and a delectable dessert in less than an hour daily.

Back in the day, having a large family was the norm and having a dessert after dinner was too. My grandparents on my mother side had 10 children. There was always something being prepared by my grandmother. She never made a meal without having a dessert. They were always sweet and yummy.

So you can see how my love for cooking but especially baking all started.

Oh….by the way, I forgot to mention……..My husband is a Chef. ☺☺☺

"My desserts are made with fresh,
high quality ingredients that
enhance their natural flavorings"

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